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Brees 03-28-2014 05:13 pm
I listen to you ALL day long at work. I love beach music and old soul tunes. You play the best. Keep up the great work.
BLAKE TAMASSEE SC 03-27-2014 08:10 pm

The original version was by a group called "Mandrill"
Lisa & Chad McGlocklin, Saltville VA 03-26-2014 05:26 am
We love 94.9 The Surf. We listen every day it's like having part of the beach here in Southwest VA. Thank you!
Bobby 03-26-2014 02:00 am
"Little Moma I Love You"
Play 3-25-14 around 5:55 pm.

The Embers
Dennis Hight 03-24-2014 05:48 pm
I saw your note that the Embers and CWB merged. I think this is terrific. I see that Wayne Free is no longer with the group. We will miss him. Do you know what he will be doing now?
Rick Case 03-22-2014 07:16 pm
Love the station. Love the new song "waisting the night away"
who sings that?

Carlos Bravo Band It will be on the "Shagging The Night Away" various artists cd from KHP..It will be out in a week or so.
Lucy 03-19-2014 09:02 pm
Wish you would post the name of the song and artist being played. I would think that each of the artist would appreciate that information being streamed out too.

We are currenly working on it...
Lou Jay 03-19-2014 06:48 pm
Thanks to the Surf and Ted Bell for filling our lives everyday with the best in beach and shag music. You keep our office going with the music of so many great artist. Thanks for always playing Bo and the Fantastic Shakers when we request them. You are the best!
Mike Davis 03-18-2014 02:42 am
What happened to the Craig Woolard Band?

The CWB Merged with the Embers. It is now The Embers Featuring Craig Woolard. Caught their first appearance at Ducks Beach Club last night and they were fantastic!!..
Lane Warren 03-16-2014 03:31 am
Thanks for playing "Goodbye Train", it is one of my favorites.

It will be on "Shagging The Night Away" various artists cd from KHP Music..available in a week or so
Bob-Greensboro/OD 03-11-2014 03:45 pm
Stevie B plays the best music...just makes me wanna dance!! A few of his tunes on the way to work in the AM and I am ready to have a great day....and head to OD on Friday after work!!!
Keep on with those shagging tunes!!
Bill 03-03-2014 10:11 pm
Thanks Ted, Jason and 94.9 for online Shag/Carolina Beach Music.

Shaggin when we can here in Pueblo Colorada
csbmguy 03-02-2014 05:27 am
Can Ted tell me who the band is that Charlie and Jackie were dancing to in the Steve Harvey Show? He played it on todays Top 20 show.

Solis Bravo Band It will be on "Party On The Ocean" various artist compilation coming out soon from KHP.
Party hardy 02-26-2014 05:50 am
Hi Ted, heard a song Sunday night on The Surf 94.9 the lyrics were " who stole my radio" any ideas?

Tony Galla is the artist
Patsy Penuel, Swansboro NC 02-25-2014 06:56 pm
Thank you Ted Bell 94.9 The surf. Love listening each and every day. Makes my day happy!!! Love me some Earl Dawkins and Summer Love. So glad it has made it 9 weeks in a row. Hope it can make it to 10!!!! Love to Surf in Paradise.
Connie & Montine Bridges 02-24-2014 09:21 pm
I enjoy Stevie B in the morning gets the day started off with great beach music!! Try it I am sure you will enjoy.
Lorry A. Yednak 02-18-2014 09:13 pm
Man the beach music puts me in the mood for the beach and summer. As I sit here in Pittsburgh Pa. with a 1 1/2 foot of snow.
Eddie Link 02-17-2014 11:55 pm
I am glad to have an app for 94.9 The Surf that runs on my iPhone. It does make it very easy to listen to the Surf when I am on the run.

I do wish that the app provided the name and song of the song that is being played, as I often wish that I knew who the artist was for the song that I just listened to.

Thanks so much!!
John and Sue in Reidsville, NC 02-15-2014 09:41 pm
We heard a song last Sunday 2/9/14 at 9:30 AM with the lyric "Back it up - do it again." Great song. What is the name and artist of this song?

It's by Donnie Ray "Back Up & Try It Again"
Mike in Chicago 02-12-2014 11:22 pm
Love listening to the Surf! Your stream used to be in stereo...these days it's mono BUT it is only one channel of music. Both speakers are playing the same channel, thus if the vocals are all in one channel...and it's the channel you are not streaming were not hearing it. Can you have someone check it out? I'm sure it's an easy fix on your end...it's not on my end. Thanks much
ken coleman 02-09-2014 05:37 am
moved to mb 7 months ago. the surf is always on when I am driving. a great sound. you guys are classic radio. thanks.trying to find a tune from last week. "I wish it was june".can u help
Brother Bill in Salisbury 02-07-2014 05:27 pm
The Surf's new APP on my iphone makes it so easy to listen to the surf at the gym or plugged into my car dashboard. Keep up the good work Stevie B and the rest of the crew.
blaine in Tampa 02-05-2014 07:01 pm
Thanks to Ted Bell,my days go better with beach music. Thanks Sir!
Patsy Penuel, Swansboro NC 02-02-2014 12:16 am
Thank you Ted Bell and 94.9 The Surf. Love to stream in at 10:00 each day. You sounds keep us all happy. More thanks to you for playing my number one favorite "Summer Love" by the fabulous Earl Dawkins and the Entertainers Band.
Stay warm on the strand!!
Marvin Mitchell, Clinton, NC 02-01-2014 01:10 am
ABSOLUTELY the best radio station in the UNIVERSE.......

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