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D. Stevens 02-27-2013 06:50 pm
I need to verify one thing. When a commercial comes on, and they give their address as Hwy. 17 South or Hwy. 17 North in North Myrtle Beach. Are they referring to South or North sides of Main Street or the North or South bound lanes of Hwy. 17?


The blocks run east and west in numerical order. They start about 46th south getting lower to Main St, then after Main St the blocks start 1st North and go higher. So, if an address is 409 Hwy 17 South in NMB the business would be on 17 south of Main St. If the address is 409 Hwy 17 North it would be North of Main. Hope this helps!
Ron Scercy 02-27-2013 06:19 pm
Heather and Stevie, Thanks for making my mornings so enjoyable. I love your sense of humor. Have a good day.
Sandra Anglemyer Pocono Mountains, Pa. 02-25-2013 06:40 am
Being raised in Philly, we had lots of good radio stations . Livng in the Pocnos for thirty years, I have been hard pressed for a good radio station. We have been visiting NC since the middle of January and when I found this station, I have it in my RV and car . I listen to it first thing in the morning until bedtime. I love it. It is one of the things I will really miss when I head home this week. I wish you had a sister station up north. I might have to get a serius radio so I can find you when I get back home. Thanks for making my visit so pleasant.
marty martin 02-20-2013 06:36 pm
Hey Ted Bell and the gang at THE SURF.....I love listening to you all the time at work and home on the internet..
Growing up in my hometown of Charleston,SC Ilistened all the time. I guess I was a true pioneir....lol

Living in upstate NY and still love hearing that great CAROLINA BEACH MUSIC... also GO GAMECOCKS!!!! oh yes these northers no nothing about SEC football.. haha

keep it going. Where or how can I get SURF tee shirts or sweatshirts???

sam 02-19-2013 06:36 pm
Love The Surf, have for many years. One request- Is there a way to adjust the mics output to all be the same? Stevie comes through much louder than Heather. Both are louder than the music and commercials. Having to constantly adjust the volume. Besides that, great music and personalities!

Buster 02-17-2013 06:48 pm
Great job with the Sunday morning gospel. Glad to see someone take a stand for Him!!! Great job and God bless
HueyD 12-29-2012 08:56 pm
Happy New Year Ted! Keep doing the great job as you have for many previous years!!
Wonder who I am? I still have and treasure
my Ted Bell autographed 94.9 The Surf T-shirts!! And look forward to a few more!! HueyD Augusta Ga
Carl and Diane Rabe 12-26-2012 01:55 am
Merry Christmas Surf from Wi
Kim from Raliegh 12-23-2012 04:51 pm
LOVE YOUR SHOW. Listen to it everyday. Ted rocks. Have a Great Holiday.
Shirlee 12-22-2012 09:15 pm

Shirlee from little Rhode Island
Jim from Virginia 12-20-2012 06:52 pm
We discovered your station during a vacation last week. On so many beach music stations, you'll hear a few familiar classics, then they'll drop a "what the heck was that?" song on you. Not so with The Surf... your station is excellently programmed, and the personalities only add to the experience. We'll be listening to your internet stream to get us through the doldrums of winter. See you in March when we come back!
Betsy Faulk 12-19-2012 06:18 pm
Thanks SURF for the information you gave me this morning on how to post a community event...you guys are great!
Would love for you all to join us at the former HB Spokes on Sun., Dec. 23rd@6pm for a Community Christmas service. Event sponsored by New Life @Wampee United Methodist Church...EVERYONE is welcome!
Lynne Bell 12-06-2012 05:19 pm
So happy that Stevie B is coming on early in the morning. I appreciate that he values those of us who have to get up early to get ready for work. Thanks Stevie.
Dianne in Greenville 11-20-2012 05:36 pm
I absolutely LOVE Ted Bell and The SURF...a true gentleman, super DJ and and great beach music station. What a combination! I couldnt get thru the workday without them! Happy Thanksgiving to the entire SURF team.
Barbara 11-20-2012 04:46 pm
Stevie B is doing a GREAT job in the morning!! I have to drive a half hour to work everyday and have had trouble staying awake. Since Stevie B has started and been playing GREAT music I have no problem staying awake. Thanks Stevie B!! GREAT JOB!! I also like how you tell who he singer or group is that performs the songs.
Mary 11-15-2012 07:27 pm
Congrats to the SURF for the nominations and being honored by those that Love You and Your Station! As always, a special congrats to a special professional Ted Bell! Keep on sending us that Sunshine, Sand, SURF and a little taste of Paradise Everyday!

John - Charlotte 11-15-2012 01:59 am
Did not hear what happend to Billy Scott? Is he ok? I heard that there will be a be a fun raiser for him on 12-2-2012.
sonny sblumenb@bellsouth.net 11-14-2012 02:21 am
ted , i listen to you almost every sat. last sat you played an instrumental and then at the end you started your show. can you please tell me the name of the song and who does it. i met u a few months back at one of our shag dances in summerville, sc. tks
Steve in Columbia 11-12-2012 12:20 am
It sure would be nice if the site could stream the artist and title of the song playing. My android does not recognize many of the songs. I love the station!
Mary 11-08-2012 10:20 pm
Good Luck at the Cammy's to the SURF and the wonderful staff there. Being nominated is a great honor in itself.
Mary 11-08-2012 10:18 pm
Shocked and saddened by the loss of Bill Norman - he knew that he and a great staff made a great radio station and kept the sand, sunshine and SURF coming our way. We will all miss him an dhis vision. With deepest sympathy to his family and his work family.
Jane in Conway 11-03-2012 12:15 am
Thanks for adding Stevie D to the morning show.
Matt and Joyce from Warwick Neck R.I. 10-27-2012 08:03 pm
Mine as well as MANY others thoughts and prayers go the family and friends of Bill Norman. thank you for keeping beach music alive at 94.9 The Music. Your station on the internet is what brought me and my friends to No Myrtle Beach.You will be GREATLY missed!!!You are now REALLY IN PARADISE!
Erin McFee 10-27-2012 06:24 pm
Ted!!! Can you play "Your can have my husband"!!! I love the Marsha Morgan Band!!!
sandy pritchard 10-23-2012 04:49 am
Anyone that has a Android phone and can't find a app that will play 94.9 the surf can download; Tuneinradio/949thesurf.com and it will stream it great.

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