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sam britt 05-28-2014 04:00 pm
heard a song this morning I hadn't heard in 15 years. 'she must be 60 but she still looks good to me'. who recorded that. such a great song!!!

By The Pelicans
Zinfandel 05-28-2014 12:34 am
Where in Gods Name has this style of music been hiding on FM Radio? I am sorry. but this is the best Music Played anywhere, dance or lovin style. I am listening via internet and live in Naples Florida. We have NOTHING like this, AWESOME!

Thank you,
Gloria Evans 05-25-2014 07:07 pm
I heard a song yesterday and did not catch the title or artist. I tried to research to find but had no luck so I hope you can help. It had the words My Queen several times in chorus and talked about all that his woman did such as coming home after work and still cooking and cleaning. Hope you can give me more info. Thanks

Ronnie Barnes "She's My Queen"
BARBARA 05-21-2014 10:11 pm
Who sung the version of Where Did our Love Go..played at 2:05 5/21

Donnie Elbert did that version from 1972
Meredith 05-20-2014 03:16 pm
How do you request a song online when other dj's are on the radio?

call 843-663-9490
or email surf949@yahoo.com
Barbara 05-19-2014 08:34 pm
Who sings Jazzy Lady?

Richard "Dimples" Fields
Jeff Fahey 05-19-2014 06:06 am
Hey Jason - great show always and a great selection of songs! A few weeks ago you played a song with "fill me up" as the chorus with a great male lead vocal. Can you tell me the name of the band and the song?


Lin Thornton 05-19-2014 03:22 am
Heard a great song today after lunch between 1PM and 3PM. One of the chorus lines was make love work. I think it said we need time to make love work. Who was the artist and what is the correct song title?

"Love Break" by Denise Lasalle
Barbara 05-18-2014 12:30 am
Can you tell me who sings "Jazzy Lady"? thanks

Richard "Dimples Fields"
Mike and shari 05-17-2014 07:55 pm
Goodbye train - grayson hugh. So happy he is back and better than ever. Need to hear more from this amazing vocalist
rebecca 05-16-2014 06:57 pm
who sings the song "I'm Happy" and is it on a CD available for purchase?

I'm Happy is by Rick Strickland and is available on a cd
meredith 05-15-2014 11:52 pm
who sings the song "operator Operator"
it was played 05/15/14 after 3pm

Manhatten Transfer
RC in VA 05-07-2014 04:36 pm
Good to hear Karen Berry back on the surf. Such a pleasant voice!When she is on,summer is near. Welcome back Karen.
Wayne - North Myrtle Beach 05-06-2014 06:14 pm
Great Job Rocking Randal the show on Monday afternoon was filled with great tunes and knowledge of the music Nice to hear you during the week. We listen to your shows every weekend. Keep playing great music.
Emma Smith 05-02-2014 08:29 pm
Just listened to your show to hear Rick Lee....I just love TOO MUCH SYLVIA. Saw them at 2001 during SOS> Have been a fan since the early 2000s. Glad to know that everyone is finding out what I've known for a long time...they are AWESOME!!
Susan 05-01-2014 11:12 pm
Never saw on Facebook who won the Mystery Grand Marshall contest nor who the Grand Marshalls were.

The winner was Frank Bobbit and Ron Whisnant was the Grand Marshal of this years parade..
Dr Mike Cole 05-01-2014 09:54 pm
Thank you so much for all the great music. Ted Bell is awesome on the request line.
Keep shaggin' :)
Sharon and Woody 04-26-2014 10:02 pm
Really like Rockin' Randall! He plays our requests and isn't afraid to play a great variety of music from The Fabulous Thunderbirds to Rick Strickland. We will be tuning in to hear his show frequently on line when away and on the radio here at the beach. He keeps us "Rockin"...
Gene chapman 04-26-2014 09:50 pm
I like it that your having mo live Djs on now we need one from 7---11 on weeknights
Tammy 04-23-2014 06:06 am
Y'all are the best radio station EVER !! Listen as much as I can. This past Saturday (April 19, 2014) approx 3 to 4ish a song played I don't remember hearing before and I have tried unsuccessfully to find it. I swear I thought the title the DJ said was Moon Gravy (lol) or Moon Crazy!! Can you help?? Love you guys !!

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