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Jerry Wright 11-18-2014 09:38 am
What a world! In Houston and trying to tell people about the Carolina Music. All the BS I get is something about counting to 2 and stepping. What in the world is that? Why cannot they count to 8 and do a male and female turn and show some class? When I took my music downstairs they all took notice. Are they not Carolina Girls in Texas? If there are they forgot the shag and are stepping twice or something like that. Lord send the TAMS here before all is lost. Thank God I am coming home soon.
Harold 11-15-2014 09:15 pm
still lovin that old beach music.

Sat 11/15 about 12:10 you played what I guess was a rendition of "you are my sunshine". can you let me know the artist.


still need a playlist on line

It's By Heaven Davis "You Are My Sunshine"
John and Sue in Reidsville, NC 11-11-2014 10:15 pm
We wake up every morning listening to Stevie B. and his morning show. Heard a song this morning by Etta James with a blues flavor and did not catch the name. Keep up the good work!

It was "Baby What You Want Me To Do" by Etta Stevie appreciates you listening!
Mary G 11-10-2014 10:00 pm
Congrats Ted on being honored as the FM Radio DJ of the Year and for my favorite radio show "Surf Top 20 Countdown." You and The SURF Team are such deserving recipients. You keep all of us not fortunate enough to live at the Beach in Paradise, Feeling that Sand at our feet and that Warm Sunshine, and especially Hearing that Surf! And as always bringing us Sandy Beaches Smiles :-)
Murray in Huntsville Al 11-07-2014 12:33 am
Visited North Myrtle Beach this year (for the first time) to attend Fall Migration. We had a blast and also found the Surf; listen to it streaming over the net every day!
John in Lancaster SC 11-01-2014 03:20 pm
Rainy Saturday but I got beach music via internet with a wireless speaker system. I can hear your station all over my house.
Brenda E Coker 10-31-2014 10:41 pm
Where can we download the song by Clifford Curry "Cold Beer Hot Women" we have looked everywhere!

It will be on the new KHP compilation coming out before the end of the year. As far as down loads. We will find out and post it here.

It's a great song and he will be here next week for the CBMA's.
Brenda E Coker 10-30-2014 04:26 pm
Listen to your station everyday while working at Kaba Ilco in Rocky Mount. It sure does make me homesick to be down at the great NMB but if you can't get there, which I can't right now, this is the next best thing! Love love love listening all day to the wonderful station and Ted Bell!
Jim 10-30-2014 12:19 am
I heard a song today with lyrics "I want to dance with you, Girl, I want to dance with you, For the rest of my life". It was played as a back-to-back and the title and group were not mentioned. Can you advise?

It is by Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges "Dance With You"
Sharon Wimmer 10-29-2014 08:18 pm
For those of us who are truly "addicted" to the Great Ted Bell....Randal Hight does a wonderful job filling in for Ted and doing his own show. His music and style are a great compliment to Ted and the Surf. We have become big fans of Rockin' Randal!
Hulagal in Pawleys Island 10-27-2014 10:47 pm
I heard part of a brand new song by Jim Quick but didn't get the title. It was a blues number something about building a fence. Any idea of the title and if it's recorded on a cd yet?

I am going through withdrawal when I'm in my truck down here in P.I.The "surf" has gone away and I can't pick it up unless I head north of Murrells Inlet.

He has a new duet with grayson Hugh called "No More Pain"
Renee Causey 10-26-2014 10:07 pm
I just want to say I love listening to 94.9 the surf. I love to go fishing and listen to good gospel music on Sunday morning.There is just something about being in the boat on a beautiful Sunday morning and enjoying nature and good gospel singing.
Charlie 10-26-2014 07:48 pm
Love 94.9 and Ted Bell.....can you see if you can get the name of the song to come to our radio like other stations? I do not always know who is singing and the name...would be great to have it out there to see.

Ted will appreciate the kind comment. Listing the song as it is played is still in the works. Sorry it's taken so long, hopefully soon it will return as before.
Sandy 10-26-2014 07:44 pm
I am enjoying your station very much, however, I do not think the bands coming into the clubs are playing beach music as we know it. No Shag songs are played too much. I was at the Midnight Allie concert and Jim Quick and his band played lots of rock or crossover or whatever you call it. It was not shag music. What will become of the shag with all this new music???

Songs like "The Walk" "Happy" "Sexual Religion" national dance songs have crossed over in club play and the dance floor is packed when these dance songs are played. Beach bands have included many of these songs in their show. Jason connects at 5 with "Hitting The Hardwood" and plays a lot of the songs you hear in the clubs. Ted, between 10 & 3 playes more of the older shag hits of the 50's, 60's & 70's.With requests from Noon - 2pm..Stevie B..more of a mixed blend in the morning drive. The Shag dance will prevail..iT's the State Dance..Your imput is very important..request those shag favorites that you have grown up listening to on the radio and the clubs..Thank you for your comment..
Virgil Marlowe 10-25-2014 09:35 pm
Why does it take so long for a message to get on your web/site? The last ones took from 8/14 until 10/24.

There was a glitch, but up and working now. Sorry for the inconvience
Tom Freeman 10-22-2014 05:15 pm

Heard a new song by Mingo Fishtrap called Where did you come from

An excellent shag song. Would love for u to take a listen and get your opinion This band fronts Marc Broussard. I can get an mp3 if u can't find it. If needed email Thanks Tom..Ted is aware of this song and should have it soon.
freemantom@gmail .com
Hugh & Sue Parks 10-18-2014 06:49 pm
We listen to you in Burlington NC. on the weekends. We used to listen to WPCM here in Burlington but they changed their format so they lost us. We listen on our computers.

Great Station.
Don Price, NMB 10-13-2014 03:08 am
Listening from Zurich, Switzerland. I don't have to leave home without The Surf...
Stan Lane 10-11-2014 04:20 pm
My wife and I listen to your station every day while we surf the internet. This Saturday morning (Oct.11th) was extra special for me because in less than 20 minutes I heard some excellent, very rare songs... "Love Is Getting Bette" by The Groove, "Along The Way" by The Singing Swinging Counts, and "What Goes Up Must Come Down" by Soul Incorporated. I realize the blues and boogie songs appeal to a lot of your listeners, but we really appreciate the older, rare, 60's sounds that local bands played back in the day. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!
Mike 10-09-2014 06:42 pm
Listen to The Surf daily down here in Florida. Carolina Beach Music cannot be beat.
Ted Lamberr 10-04-2014 07:02 pm
Love listening to the top 20 countdown however I'm often working on Saturday. How about retransmitting a couple times during the week so that everyone has an opportunity to listen.
Chris from PA 09-30-2014 11:23 pm
At 3:20 on Tues 9/30 you played a song by a female singer that had the line 'we're gonn a shag all nite long", loved her voice and was wondering who it was. Had an old time beach music flavor to it.

It is by The Marsha Morgan Band from her cd "Rockin' The Beach"
Tommie Sue Johnson 09-27-2014 08:44 pm
I heard a song on your station when I was attending SOS in September. I think it had the words in it... dance grandma dance. Can you help me with the name of this song? I loved it!! My email is beech_gurl@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance.

Grandma's Rock 'n Roll Party by Jimmy Jones
John Rancke 09-22-2014 06:23 pm
I keep hearing a song with the lyrics "There's a place in my heart" but can't find it anywhere. Thanks

A Place In My Heart by Liz Abella Call Judy's House Of Oldies here at the beach..843-249-8649
Matt in Rhode Island 09-15-2014 10:30 pm
Are you in any way associated with 104.9 The Surf out at Hilton Head?

The Surf is locally owned and operated here in North Myrtle Beach. The owners only have the one station.

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